As a nation we tend to lead sedentary lives; working at the computer, watching television, playing computer games, driving cars and slumping in the sofa.

Our bodies were designed to move. Muscles create movement through the joints. If we spend much of our time being still our joints become stiff and our muscles tight and lazy creating dis-ease.

Stress is also becoming more of a health issue in the 21st Century with all its inherent struggles and strains creating problems with physical and emotional health. Unrealistic expectations send our autonomic nervous system into a state of flux resulting in a rise in heart rate and blood pressure, putting more strain on the physical body.

 Yoga is unique in that a balanced practice benefits both the body and the mind, whilst guiding each of us on our individual spiritual journey. The mind and body are two sides of the same coin; you cannot change one without changing the other. A balanced practice includes a sequence of asanas carried out with sustained awareness. These are designed to take the body through its full pain-free range of movement without stress, but also having either a stimulating or calming effect on the mind. A regular practice of yoga not only promotes physical health and flexibility but works at a deeper level to focus the mind and relieve stress.

Breathing practices, relaxation, visualisation and meditation balance the physical movement of asanas and complete the practice.